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Andrew Messier

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Other Names: Louis Andre Machia, Andre Messier

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
1862 Rutland, Rutland, Vermont between 1934 - 1940 Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Marceline Fleurant     Born about 1869, Quebec Provence, Canada.
Died about 1900, Waterbury, Connecticut of consumption.
Rose Delima Allaire 29 June 1895 Douglas, Worcester, Massachusetts Born June 1863, East Douglas, Worcester, Massachusetts. Previously married to Pierre Rémi "Peter" Scott.
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Albert Machia Father, Biological  
Sarah Leclair
Born Seraphine Auclair
Mother, Biological Variations on the name Leclair or Laclare are found in several geneologies. The name O'Neil is found in Albert's obituary. See Albert Machia's page.
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Sophrona Machia Sister  
Josephine Machia Sister  
Charles Machia Brother  
Nelson Machia Brother Twin to Albert
Albert Machia Brother Twin to Nelson
Louise Jane Machia Sister  
Frederick Machia Brother  
Mary Ann Machia Sister  
Frank Machia Brother  
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Henry Messier Marceline Born 14 March 1885, Rocky Hill, Connecticut.
Married Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Duffy of Baltimore, Maryland.
Died about 1951 in either Newport, Rhode Island or Buttermilk Bay, Massachusetts.
Awarded Navy Cross for Valor during WWI.
Alfred Louis Messier Marceline Born 12 September 1887, Haddam, Connecticut.
Died 18 December 1926, Rhode Island.
Married Eliza A. Lorraine 15 October 1913.
Known as Fred in 1900 census for Andrew Messier. Clair Messier Keith remembered the name Alfred in notes to Mary Messier.
Arthur Alphonse Messier Marceline Born 16 September 1890, Waterbury, Connecticut.
Died 21 May 1949, Bristol, Connecticut.
Married Eugenie Cote 15 May 1916 in Plainfield, Connecticut.
Branch leads to Michael Messier, Anita Marcotte.
Raymond Andre Messier Rose Born 18 July 1902, Providence, Providence, Rhode Island.
Died 9 March 1977, Douglas, Massachusetts.
Married Mary Louise Ross in March 1927 in Sutton.
Rose Delima Scott Rose and
Peter Scott
Stepdaughter. Born about 8 February 1887, East Douglas, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Died 20 October 1965, Farmington, Connecticut.
Married Edward Francis Brown on 17 April 1909 in Douglas.
Pierre Rémi "Peter" Scott Rose and
Peter Scott
Stepson. Born 22 june 1890, East Douglas, Massachusetts.
Died September 1967 in Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Married Sarah McBurney in 1925 in Plainville, Hartford, Connecticut.