Family Names


Albert Machia

Albert Machia

Other Names: Albert Messier, Norbert Messier, Masha, Mesha

Comments: The Messier / Machia connection was brought to our attention by Tina LaForest, great granddaughter of Frank Machia. Frank Machia's wedding certificate specifies both family names. It appears that the original name was Messier, but was changed.

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
14 June 1833 Marieville, Rouville, Quebec, Canada. 17 June 1917 Berlin, Vermont, buried Northfield, Vermont, Calvary Cemetary
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Sarah Leclair / LaClare
Baptised Seraphine Auclaire.
Family used the name O'Clair in Dunham, Canada.
23 February 1857 Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada Born about 1831, in Dunham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada.
Died between 1880 and 1893, Moretown, Vermont.
Buried in King St. Cemetary, Northfield, Vermont.
Addie, aka Audette (last name?) 1893 Moretown, Vermont Born August 1831, Canada.
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Pierre Raymond Messier Father, Biological Born 30 August 1806, Marieville, Canada.
Died 6 August 1884, St. Brigade, Canada.
Angelique Monty, aka Montie Mother, Biological Born 1806, Varennes, Canada.
Died about 1843, Marieville, Canada.
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Sophrona M. Machia Sarah Born 8 January 1858, Cowansville, Canada.
Died 2 January 1934, Montpelier, Vermont.
Married Hosea Newcomb Brown 2 March 1882 in Berlin, Vermont.
Josephine Machia Sarah Born 1859, PQ, Canada.
Died 24 September 1937, Holyoke, Massechussets
Branch leads to Carol Dillon Backhus.
Charles Machia Sarah Born 16 March 1861, Rutland, Vermont.
Died 22 September 1920, Barre, Vermont.
Married Mary J. Jerry between 1880 - 1887 in Vermont.
Louis Andre Machia, aka Andrew Messier Sarah Born 1862, Vermont.
Died post 1934, probably Sutton-Douglas, Massachusetts area.
Married Marceline Fleurant and "Rose".
Branch leads to Michael Messier, Anita Messier Marcotte.
Albert Machia Sarah Born 22 February 1863, Brigham, Brome, Quebec, Canada.
Died 15 October 1932, Orange, Vermont
Twin to Nelson.
Married Selina Jarvis 1890.
Married Mary McLeod 25 February 1903 in Barre, Vermont.
Branch leads to Scott Emond.
Nelson Machia Sarah Born 22 February 1863, Brigham, Brome, Quebec, Canada.
Twin to Albert
Louisa Jane Machia, aka Jenny, Gernie Sarah Born 14 April 1865, Berlin, Vermont
Died 20 February 1945, Montpelier, Vermont. Buried in Berlin Corner Cemetary, Berlin, Vermont.
Married Cyril S. Virge, 27 January 1882 in Northfield, Vermont.
Frederick Machia Sarah Born 8 June 1868, Berlin, Vermont
Died 3 April 1951, Northfield, Vermont.
Never married.
Mary Ann Machia Sarah Born 7 April 1869, Berlin, Vermont.
Died 14 November 1928, Montpelier, Vermont. Buried in St. Augustine's Cemetary, Montpelier, Vermont.
Married James W. Counter 15 June 1891, Montpelier, Vermont.
Branch leads to Scott Walker.
Francis Machia, aka Frank Sarah Born 12 March 1872, Berlin, Vermont
Died 21 April 1964, Barre, Vermont. Buried Calvary Cemetary, Northfield, Vermont.
Married Celinda Shontell.
Branch leads to Tina LaForest, Rhonda Wallace.