Family Names


Celinda Chantel

Frank Machia

Other Names: Celinda Shontell, Selinda Shontell, Linda Machia

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
2 April 1871
Moretown, Vermont 1968 Barre, Vermont, USA
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Frank Machia 23 February 1892 St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Northfield, Vermont  
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Louis Shontell Father, Biological  
Clara Farnham Mother, Biological  
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Elizabeth Mary Celinda Born 6 February 1893, West Berlin or Riverton, Vermont
Died 22 April 1968, Barre, Vermont.
Branch leads to Tina Bagalio LaForrest.
Florence May Celinda Born 13 February 1896, Moretown, Vermont
Died 11 April 1998 Berlin, Vermont
Frank Albert, Jr. Celinda Born 28 February 1898, Moretown, Vermont
Died 5 March 1943, Northfield, Vermont
Harold Lewis Celinda Born 16 May 1900, Moretown, Vermont
Died 29 November 1974, Colchester, Vermont
Orrin Nelson Celinda 29 July 1903, Moretown, Vermont
Died 16 November 2001, Findlay, Hancock, Ohio
Eva Belle Celinda Born 17 June 1905, Barre, Vermont.
Died 19 December 2004, Berlin, Vermont.
Lawrence Raymond Celinda Born 25 August 1913, Orange, Vermont
Died May 1964 in Connecticut, Buried Weathersfield, Connecticut. Branch leads to Rhonda Machia Wallace.