Family Names


Albert Clarence Messier

Clancy Messier

Other Names: Clancy Messier

Comments: Rose through the ranks in the U.S. Navy to rank of Commander. Held honored command as Captain of the U.S.S. Constitution.

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
11 August 1917 Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut 14 September 1981 Bristol, Connecticut, USA
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Simonne Laurette Turcotte About 1947 Bristol, Connecticut Born 20 January 1916, St. Germain de Grantham, Drummond, Quebec, Canada
Died 10 August 2000, Bristol, Connecticut.
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Arthur Messier Father, Biological  
Eugenie Cote Mother, Biological  
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Claire V. Messier Sister  
Robert L. Messier Brother  
Doris Messier Sister Died at Birth
Constance M. Messier Sister Twin to Armand, born first. Known as "Connie".
Armand A. Messier Brother  
Alfred L. Messier Brother  
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Arthur "Art" Messier II Simonne Born 7 June 1948, Bristol, Connecticut.
Died 13 September 2007, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.
Married Kathryn Gould, born 21 March 1948 in Putnam, Connecticut.
Henry Joseph "Skip" Messier Simonne Born 16 December 1950.
Married Karin Abatecola, born 27 October 1959 in Providence, Rhode Island.