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Emeril Cote

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Other Names: Emerile Cote

Comments: Emigrated from Sherbrooke, Quebec through Newport, Vermont on 7 October 1906 on the Boston and Maine RR. He was traveling alone to meet his father in Moosup, Connecticut. Lived in Chicopee, Massachusetts after marrying Henrietta Denette until between 1930 and 1935. Worked as a mason. Last home was in Jewett City, Connecticut. Emeril and his son Roger constructed rustic looking grave stones for his parents from concrete.

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
8 November 1888 Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada 26 December 1969 Jewett City, New London, Connecticut
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Henrietta R. Denette 4 October 1910 Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts Born 22 April 1889, Pittsfield, Massachussetts.
Died 6 February 1969, West Hartford, Connecticut.
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Jean Baptiste "Gilbert" Cote Father, Biological  
Elise Biron Step-mother Married Jean Baptiste 7 January 1867, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Rosalie Bouffard Mother, Biological Married Jean Baptiste 30 November 1882 in Weedon.
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Jean George Olivier Cote Half-brother Born 26 December 1867, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Jean Telesphore Olivard Cote Half-brother Born 1 August 1869, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Jean Batiste Eusebe ARTHUR Cote Half-brother Born April 1871, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Marie Cote Half-sister Born 1874, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Jean Baptiste Moise Emeri Cote Half-brother Born 16 September 1875, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Marie Mathilde Roranard Cote Half-sister Born 10 October 1877, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Benolier Cote Half-sister Born 1878, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Marie Elise Alix Luxina Cote Half-sister Born 1872, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Eugina Cote Half-sister Born 1880, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Mary Ann Cote Sister Born 21 July 1884, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Married Israel Bourque 10 April 1899 in Weedon.
Marie Angelina Cote Sister Born 5 August 1886, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Olivier Cote Brother Born 14 October 1887, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Died September 1970, South Hadley, Massachusetts.
Louis Möise Cote Brother Born 22 June 1889, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Died 15 May 1856 in Canada.
Married Adelia Aubin on 9 September 1919 in St. Claude, Richmond, Quebec, Canada.
Marie Louise Cote Sister Born 22 June 1889, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Died 5 June 1981, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.
Marie Rose BLANCHE Cote Sister Born 19 March 1892, Weeden, Quebec, Canada.
Died 30 April 1977, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.
Married Victor C. Vincent, between 1910 - 1920, Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.
Marie Flore Cote Sister Born 8 May 1893, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.

Died 5 August 1956 in L'Ange-Gardien, Rouville, Quebec, Canada. Married Ovila Vachon 12 June 1911, Weedon, Wolfe, Quebec, Canada.
Marie Rosalie EUGENIE Cote Sister Born 17 May 1894, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.

Died 26 December 1969 in Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut. Married Arthur Messier 15 May 1916 in Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.
Emil Frank Cote Brother Born 18 June 1896, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.
Died 7 February 1953, Plainfield, Connecticut.
Married Laurette Bastien, between 1917 - 1920, Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.
Joseph John Baptiste Sauveur Cote Brother Born 14 February 1897, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.
Died 1897 in Weedon.
Jean Baptiste SAUVIER Cote Brother Born 12 May 1898, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.
Died 2 February 1979, Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut.
Marie Josephine ANTOINETTE Cote Sister Born 10 May 1900, Weedon, Quebec, Canada.
Died 28 April 1971, Killingly, Windham, Connecticut.
Married Everett Doyle after 1930 in Connecticut.
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Edward E. Cote Henrietta Born 10 August 1911, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Roland Cote Henrietta Born 1911, Aldenville, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Died 18 May 1912, Aldenville, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Ulric Cote Henrietta Born 10 August 1912, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Died 21 July 1975, Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut.
Edward W. Cote Henrietta Born 23 August 1912, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Wilfred T. Cote Henrietta Born 16 December 1913, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Died 17 December 1993, Glastonbury, Hartford, Connecticut.
Theresa E. Cote Henrietta Born 27 April 1915, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Died 9 July 2003, Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut.
Clarence Cote Henrietta Born September 1917, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Died 19 May 1918, Aldenville, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Emeril Henry Cote Henrietta Born 12 February 1925, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
2 October 1997, Port Richey, Pasco, Florida.
Spouse: Rita Bertha Renquin
Branch leads to Jeannette Cote Boucher Munnette.
Rene Roger Cote Henrietta Born 23 October 1927, Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts.
Branch leads to Denise Cote Bachand.