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Ellen O'Connell

Ellen O'Connell 1972

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Comments: In many ways, Ellen was ahead of her time. She believed in health food and vitamines before there were health food stores. She believed that we were all part of the Earth and should protect it before there was a great environmental movement. She believed that a force was present everywhere, including our own cells, before there were Jedi Knights. Ellen was very spiritual, before there were hippies. She believed in a creator, but she also believed that Earth's human beings were not the highest intellectual achievment in God's creation. Given the age of the universe, she believed there had to be beings that had advanced far beyond us. These beings were trying to aide us in our development and keep us from destroying ourselves. Perhaps nobody is trying to protect us from ourselves, but the idea that someone else is "out there" is no longer subject to ridicule.
Around 1950, Ellen moved to Waltham, Middlesex, Massachussets. She roomed with Eliza Brewer and her husband Lawrence. Eliza and Ellen self-published a pamphlet entitled "Creative Consciousness" that described their ideas and referenced the ideas to Bible passages.

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
1 February 1895 Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts 18 March 1981 Southington, Hartford, Connecticut
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Parent Information:
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Daniel O'Connell Father, Biological  
Mary McNamara Mother, Biological  
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Name Relationship Comments
Robert O'Connell Brother  
Mary O'Connell Sister Known as "Mamie".
Sarah O'Connell Sister  
Daniel O'Connell Brother  
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