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Mary McNamara

Mary McNamara

Other Names: Mary MacNamara, Mary O'Connell

Comments: According to the 1900 census taken in Southington, CT, Mary McNamara immigrated to the U.S. in 1879. We have no naturalization record. No information has been found prior to 1900, except for an 1861 census taken in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. In that census, she is living with her parents. A 1880 census shows a Sarah McNamara, her sister, as well as two brothers (John and David) in Fall River, MA working in a cotton mill. They are boarding with their remarried mother and her husband James A'Hearne. They were married in Merthyr in 1872, the same year that John McNamara married Daniel O'Connell's sister Mary. According to the 1881 Merthyr Tydfil census, Daniel (age 25) boarded with the John McNamara family along with his step-father James Crowley. The Mary McNamara (sister of John) that Daniel married came to America before 1881, so would not be listed in the Merthyr census. Daniel must have travelled to America shortly after the 1881 Merthyr Tydfil census was taken.

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Birth / Death Information:
Birth Death
Date Location Date Location
July 1856 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales 1937 Southington, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Spouse / Partner Information:
Name Marriage Date Marriage Location Comments
Daniel O'Connell about 1887 Possibly Fall River, Bristol, Massachussets  
Parent Information:
Name Relationship Comments
Thomas McNamara Father, Biological Born about 1827, Ireland.
Died between 1861 and 1871, Merthyr Tydfil.
Sarah Jones Mother, Biological Born about 1827, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Wales.
Sibling Information:
Name Relationship Comments
John McNamara Brother Born abt. 1850 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Died bet. 1910 - 1920, Fall River, Bristol, Massachussetts.
Married Mary O'Connell, sister of Daniel O'Connell in Merthyr Tydfil, 1872, before moving to Fall River.
David McNamara Brother Born abt. 1853 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Married an unknown woman in Fall River, producing a son, Thomas.
Died Fall River, Massachusetts.
Thomas McNamara Brother Born abt. 1855 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Catherine McNamara Sister Born abt. 1859 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Ellen McNamara Sister Born abt. 1861, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.
Married Nick Sullivan, possibly in Fall River.
James McNamara Brother Born abt. 1863 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Sarah McNamara Sister Born abt. 1865 Merthyr Tydfil Wales.
Married Robert O'Neil in Fall River Massachusetts.
Died Fall River.
Children Information:
Name Other Parent Comments
Robert Lincoln O'Connell Daniel Born 24 Aug 1888, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Died February 1972, Manhattan, New York, New York.
Mary Elizabeth "Mamie" O'Connell Daniel Born Nov 1890, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Died 6 December 1984 in Yucaipa, San bernardino, California.
Married Thomas Richard French about 1925 in Massachusetts.
Sarah O'Connell Daniel Born 27 Dec 1892, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Died 15 April 1984, Southington, Hartford, Connecticut.
Ellen O'Connell Daniel Born 1 Feb 1895, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Died 18 Mar 1981, Southington, Hartford, Connecticut.
Daniel Thomas O'Connell Daniel Born 4 May 1898, Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Died 30 Aug 1949, Southington, Hartford, Connecticut.